Sloe Gin!

Now is the time to start making your own gin infusions for Christmas. Sloes, below, are popular and there are still a few in the hedgerows. Or you can use other fruit, raspberries, strawberries or cucumber. Simply purchase gin, place in a clean jar with the fruit, cleaned, and leave for at least 5-15 days depending on the strength required.  Once it has infused, then strain through muslin to remove the solids and taste.  It is worth experimenting with various fruits. Sloe berries will need pricking and cleaning and 2 oz of sugar will need to be added to taste. Gin infusions are popular and can make great Christmas presents!
white round fruit
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‘Christmas at Rum Cove’ OUT now.

Christmas at Rum Cove

My book is out now. It is a sparkling Christmas romance set in beautiful Rum Cove. All writers use real life as their inspiration and I am no exception. Rum Cove is actually based on Robin Hood’s Bay, a delightful North Yorkshire Fishing village, near Whitby. It is a fabulous little cove, with lots of cobbled roads that lead down to the bay.  In the 17th century, the place was rife with smugglers and there is rumoured to be a whole net work of underground tunnels. Luxury items such as gin, brandy and tea used to be smuggled and there were often pitch battles with Excise staff! There are loads of fossils locally and pieces of jet. It is well worth a visit, and have a pint in The Bay Hotel.rhbrobins hood bayrobins hood bay snow

Free book to download over weekend, ‘Everything But The Girl’

Just noticed a book I like is free on kindle over the weekend. It is’ Everything But The Girl’ an is a funny,cosy crime story featuring Liddy Marbles a Psychologist who stumbles on a side line as a sleuth. Follow the link;

Well worth reading . Don’t forget to review!

Nanowrimo !

How are other people who are participating in this?  I am using the Chris Baty book ‘No Plot No Problem’ which is pretty helpful. Anyone know of any other useful text to inspire you on this quest? I have written something and largely kept to my word count with endless cups of tea and biscuits. This is definitely a 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration task ! Anyone have any other texts or inspirational ideas for this?


Just reading ‘No Plot No Problem’ by Chris Baty for inspiration to start the above. I like the no nonsense style and the can do attitude.  Apparently, planning your story is usually an excuse for not getting on with it!  “If you spend enough time with your characters, plot simply happens.”

Any thoughts on this? I am not a great planner but just running with it seems a bit too free and left field…? I will let you know how I get on!

Nanowrimo starts today!

Anyone ever written a book using the inspiration of the National Novel Writing Month programme? I am signed up and ready to go. The book ‘No plot, no problem’ is full of inspirational ideas . Just wondering if anyone has tried it as it seems a bit of a tall order to complete a book within a month but I am going to give it a go. Any inspiration would be gladly received!