Buy a cat, write in the morning, cultivate self confidence: top writers’ tips on writing

What do top writers have in common? It is worth asking this question so that maybe us mere mortals can emulate our heros!

Hilary Mantel  advises that ‘the most helpful quality a writer can cultivate is self confidence.’

Leo Tolstoy advised wannabe writers to pick the hours that work for you. He wrote in the early  morning when he felt fresh. When do you feel at your best?

William Faulkner urged writers to ‘read, read, read everything-trash, classics, good and bad to see how they do it!’ This I really agree with.


Katherine Mansfield thought it was best to silence our inner critics, ‘write anything is better than nothing.’ Again, this is a good idea.

And Muriel Spark advised writers to get a cat! She stated that ‘the effect of the cat on your concentration is remarkable and very mysterious.’

Not sure I quite follow this one. My cat tends to walk across my keyboard to get my attention which can be very distracting! She does sometimes look like she is writing though!

What are your writing tips?img_20191027_104733




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