‘A Scottish Retreat’ is FREE 20-22 nd November! Don’t miss out!


Annabel Logan-Black is a journalist who is sent to Scotland to cover a story and is asked to stay there for a month by her boss. One of the paper’s employees is being investigated for ‘phone hacking and as he gave a large number of leads to Annabel, her editor wants her out of the way. She was chasing down a story in the wilds of Scotland anyway but is contractually obliged to write her bitchy, trendy ‘People’ column whilst in rural Scotland. She decides to go incognito and changes her name whilst she works for a small, local paper; a job arranged by her boss. At first she wonders what on earth she can find to write about. However, she soon finds that there is much more going on in this rural idyll of Glenloch and more than enough to keep her column going. However, what happens when the locals realise that she is not who she says she is and how will that effect her burgeoning relationship with the two men who have caught her eye…


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