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I’m fascinated with the mechanics of writing, especially those squeezing writing into their busy lives. I work and have been known to get up early to write, or write in my lunch break or well into the night, if things are going well.

I use google docs, as it’s great for different devices. I type on a laptop, take a tablet to work and maybe do a little in my lunch break, even pull out my phone and re read what I’ve written. Then I switch to word for more refined editing. Google docs is also great for sharing documents and doing writing collaborations, like the one I have done with Scarlett Brodie.

People say they haven’t got time to write, but I think you can do it if you really want to.  Even if you can only manage an hour a day, or half an hour, you will soon have a complete book.

How do you fit writing into your busy lives? Please share.

My latest book is out now! ‘Christmas at Rum Cove’.


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