‘Scotch on the Loch’ is FREE 11th to 13th November. Don’t miss out!

This is  a heartwarming novel set in the Western Isles of Scotland.

Lucy Ross is devastated when her relationship with lawyer, Sebastian, breaks down. Encouraged by her sister, Madeleine,she decides to embark on a new job promoting tourism and leaves London to start work in the remote western isles of Scotland. At first, she struggles with the rural landscape, lack of decent shopping and does not get off to a good start with her boss, the handsome but supercilious Rory MacDonald, who thinks she is a ‘ useless townie who won’t last five minutes.’ Lucy has another reason for coming to Scotland as she wants to discover the truth about her birth father, James Ross, who left her mother when she was a baby.
With a range of colourful local characters hell bent on stripping off for a Calendar Girls style calendar in order to promote the area and a very personable Estate manager, Jed MacInnes, thrown in, Lucy begins to settle in and enjoy life. Things are definitely looking up. Then, the past catches up with her, she finds that establishing her relationship with her father, could result in the man she loves losing everything


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